A session exclusively for adult Ice Hockey players who have beginner to intermediate experience to take to the ice and have fun playing Ice Hockey!

1 hour sessions Fridays weekly 6pm, Saturdays monthly 4:45 pm $30 6 month registration fee and $20 per game

Erina Stiff Breeze games are designed for lower-level skaters in a simulation game that allows them to improve and revisit their skills in a fun, friendly, and playfully competitive environment. It is open to all adult players over 16 who are open to playing in the spirit of the Stiff Breeze game!

What you'll need:

  • Full protective Ice Hockey equipment, as well as any other protection like strapping tape to minimise risk of injury.
  • Willingness to play appropriately to the level and rules of the Erina Stiff Breeze game.

How to register:

  • Get in touch to complete your registration and sign a declaration.
  • Pay a registration fee of $30 – 6 months from 21 Jun to 21 December. This fee isn’t required if you’re a member of the CCIHL.
  • Game fees are $20 per player payable online or on arrival, except for goal players, who play free of charge.
  • Communication to registered players will be by private Facebook group.

register your interest for ice hockey here

All Erina Stiff Breeze guidelines must be agreed upon and adhered to in order to participate:

  • Deliberate checking will not be allowed.
  • Excessive contact can result in expulsion from the ice.
  • Slapshots not allowed.
  • All players adhere to referee, staff or management decisions.
  • All players are expected to treat other players with respect. No abusive behaviour is tolerated.
  • No pucks are to be placed onto the rink until indicated by staff.
  • Players are not to take to the ice until the Zamboni gates are shut, nets are secured, and they are invited to do so.
  • Hockey sticks and pucks are to be used on the ice surface only.
  • Consumption of alcohol within the arena is forbidden.
  • All equipment must be put away and change rooms left clean and tidy.
  • EIA management reserves the right to cancel or postpone games.
  • Any First Aid incidents must be reported to staff during games.