Figure Skating is the graceful art of transforming dance, gymnastics and athleticism into a performance on ice.

There are many avenues available if you want to become involved in figure skating. Our coaches will guide you on a path that is right for you. From development and understanding technique to competitive figure skating, there is an opportunity for all ages.

We create a training environment in our Figure Sessions, and follow necessary guidelines to ensure the safety of all skaters at all times. Successful figure skaters have both on-ice and off-ice development programs initiated by their coaches as well as yearly plans for progress and improvement. Both individual or small group tuition sessions are available and can be arranged directly with our coaches.


  • Figure Session $17
  • 10 Session Pass $160

**Private tuition available via prior arrangement. Please contact [email protected] 

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Figure Skating Terms

In conjunction with the Central Coast Figure Skating Club, we wish to provide a harmonious and respectful atmosphere for skaters and coaches alike. We ask all participants and visitors to adhere to Figure Skating rules in order to provide the best possible outcomes. You will be asked to sign a declaration acknowledging these rules – your cooperation is appreciated.

  1. Skaters, coaches and parents/caregivers should treat each other with respect. Bullying, offensive behaviour and bad language will not be tolerated.

  2. In the interests of EIA and CCFSC, all skaters and their parents/caregivers will always respect the coaches, the staff of EIA and shall adhere to the rules.

  3. Are figure sessions just for CCFSC Members?

    Any figure skater can train in a figure session at Erina Ice Arena, however, they will need to submit a signed agreement to adhere to the rules of the session.

  4. Do I need to have my own skates during a figure session?

    Yes, figure sessions are for skaters who have their own skates, however, a new skater taking lessons with their coach is welcome in the interim until their skates are arranged.

  5. Where will a parent/caregiver of a skater be able to watch from?

    Parents/caregivers will be able to sit either:
    · in the grandstand,
    · at the bar tables and chairs outside Party Room 3
    · inside Party Room 3 which is heated for your comfort

    For both the safety of the skaters on the ice and the instructional nature of the training session, parents/caregivers will not be permitted to stand near or at the rink barrier.

  6. What if a skater needs their parent/caregiver during a session?

    The skater is to exit the ice before signalling to their parent/caregiver. If the skater is unable to exit the ice, the skater’s coach (if available) will assist.