Central Coast In-House League (CCIHL) is facilitated by Erina Ice Arena for local players. 

We run two annual in-house league competitions, with the winter season running April-September, and summer October-March.

We have six teams: Strangebrew, Kraken, Silberbacks, Brewers, Phoenix, and Griffins. Management will advise as to when the required registrations are open, with teams being drafted from the number of registrations received. 


Summer 2020/21

Summer 2019


Drop Bears

Drop Bears

Register here for CCIHL winter 2022

All Central Coast In-House League guidelines must be agreed upon and adhered to in order to participate:


1. Adhere to all decisions made by Erina Ice Arena and/or referee

2. Minimum age for CCIHL participants is 16 years old. Once a skater has turned 16 years of age, they may join a current season providing there is a place available on one of the active teams.

3. Treat all players, opponents, coaches, officials, rink management, parents and other spectators, regardless of sex, race or creed with RESPECT. No abusive language, gestures, actions or detrimental comments or innuendos on social networking (Facebook, Twitter etc)

4. Obey requests and directions from rink staff immediately.

5. Hockey sticks and pucks are to be used on ice surface only, not permitted in changerooms.

6. No skater may take to the ice until the Scorekeeper sounds the buzzer. This will signal the beginning of a 6min warm up. Once the warmup has ended the scorekeeper will sound the buzzer again and the game may begin.

7. Erina Ice Arena is an unlicensed premises. The consumption of alcohol is not permitted.

8. All equipment must be put away and the change rooms to be left clean and tidy at the conclusion of games or training session – leave ice & vacate change room soon as practical.

9. Failure to abide by the above rules may lead to expulsion from the competition.

Game Guidelines:

1. Full protective gear required including full cage for u18 and women. Over 18 men must at least wear a visor. All skaters under 18 must wear a neck/throat protector. Failure to wear full equipment will enforce the following:

  • 1st offence – warning
  • 2nd offence – 10-minute misconduct
  • 3rd offence – game misconduct


Any other protective measures (e.g., strapping tape) that are necessary for each skater must be used to minimise any injury during the game.

2. Each player is allowed to play on ONE team only during each season. If a team is playing with 5 or less players, their game will automatically forfeit game points, however game may go ahead. Players must have played a minimum of 50% of the seasons games to be eligible to play in the finals.

3. Goalies may assist as goalie for another team upon CCIHL management approval.

4. Deliberate body checking is not permitted and will result in a penalty determined by the referee.

5. Minimum age for CCIHL is 16 – Juniors may be accepted upon request by CCIHL management

6. Games are played Monday nights. The games will be scheduled to play at 7pm, 8.15pm and 9.30pm

7. All periods will be runtime and each period will be the following length:

  • 1st period: 15min
  • 2nd period: 15min
  • 3rd period: 20min


8. Ties will be determined by a shootout with the following format:

  • Best of 3 (Three players from each team to participate)
  • If score is still tied, then shootout goes into sudden death

9. Ties in the finals will be determined by a 5 minute, 3v3 ‘Sudden Death’ overtime period. If the score is still tied, then the tie will be determined by a shootout in the same format as regular season shootouts: all players eligible for the shootout must take a turn before a player takes a second shot.

10. An automatic one game suspension will be enforced if a player receives a game misconduct in the last 1⁄2 of the 3rd period

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