Synchronized Skating is an exciting Ice Sport growing in popularity. A team event where skaters perform complex and artistic choreography in unison.

Not only does Synchronized Skating build team working skills, it also develops individual skating skills with deep edges throughout intricate formations that intersect, travel and pivot.

  • Training on Thursday afternoons from 3.30-5.30.
  • Development Teams are run by Southern Sky Synchronized for children aged 5-12yrs who have begun learning skating either in Skate School or with their private coach.
  • This program will improve the basic skating skills of all skaters as well as teach the basics of team skating.
  • Opportunities will be created for performances as teams are developed for competition in both the Aussie Skate and Basic Novice Divisions.
  • Training on Tuesday nights from 7.30-9.00pm
  • The Mixed Age Team run by Southern Sky Synchronized is for skaters aged between 13-25 years with prior skating experience (must have reached at least Level 3 in skate school)
  • Skaters in this team will experience competition at the State and National level.
  • Training is twice a week on the ice. Tuesday 7.30-9pm and Sunday 6.00-8.45am. Off Ice fitness training is required.
  • The Advanced teams run by Southern Sky Synchronized develop skaters into National level athletes and provide International representative opportunities.
  • These teams are for experienced skaters and require minimum Ice Skating Australia test levels passed. They compete in the Mixed Age and Junior divisions.

Visit the synchronised skating team website